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Days: Sunday (general)

Hours: 9am - 4pm

Manager: Nick Hobday

Postcode: NW10 8LS (map and directions)

About Wembley market

Wembley Market will NOT be open for a couple of weeks on SUNDAY.  Brent Council have issued a stop notice so we can not open until our planning appeal is heard. 

UPDATE 29 Aug: W F Markets and Brent BC have to 12 Sept to put a response in for the Planning Appeal.  The planning inspectorate will then make a decision. Wendy Fair has a very strong case so the Market should be open again very soon.Post your support on
 facebook-Wembley Sunday Market or
Twitter - @Wembleymarket
Do not let Brent take away what the community wants.
It will only be a temporay use, as the land will be developed at some time.  SO let it be regengerated in the mean time with the buzzing Wembley Sunday Market.
If you still want to shop, lots of traders go to Bovingdon Market on Saturday. Near Hemel Hempstead. HP5 3RR. Or train to Hemel then bus to Market.  See you there for lots of bargains.

Wembley Market is THE biggest and the best Sunday market in England. There is something for everyone here and more.

Wembley Market has a very popular international food court, which serves dishes from Halal kebabs to roast pork rolls, with fresh fruit smoothies on the side, and to finish, doughnuts or pancakes.  This is a very ethnically diverse market which attracts a variety of people.
Counterfeit goods have been sold on this market. The sale of counterfeit goods is illegal. It is often difficult to tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit goods. Anyone suspecting that goods being offered for sale are counterfeit should inform Trading Standards.

Traders' Rates - 2014 back to top

Sunday market

Rate is per:January to MarchApril to SeptemberOctober to Christmas
perimeter stall£75.00£80.00£85.00
facing perimeter stall£65.00£70.00£75.00
inside stall£55.00£60.00£65.00
Note: Fees per 10ft - Corners will be charged at 50% extra

Casual Traders fee will be an additional £1.00 Per foot. The minimum fee is for 10 ft.

Trader Information

We have our own office on site, which is staffed from 7.00am on Sunday and we also have our own security staff that are all in radio contact. The market site has a tarmac surface, and there are trader facilities available. All traders here should use the 10ft X 10ft stall frames that we provide free of charge. You need to provide a top cover for the stall frame and any internal fitting you need to display your goods. Market equipment is available to buy on site from Ray Linge; he also hires large 8ft X4ft tables. Wendy Fair security team on site all day. Casual traders always welcome, sign on at the market office between 7 and 7.30 am.


Call 01895 632221 on market days to speak to the Market Market Office
Unisys site
A404 Brentfield
NW10 8LS
NW10 8LS

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