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If you are a site owner, you can approach us with confidence. We negotiate terms with the landowner, and arrange any legal requirements, using our extensive legal experience.

We enlist and manage the traders, taking care of Health & Safety, Insurance, and other requirements. The markets are all operated on site, on the day, by a professional market manager, and centrally by our Head Office.

If you would like to arrange a site visit and talk about the possibilities for your land, call Nick on 01895 632221.

Market Planning and Charter Rights

Wendy Fair Markets is a founding member of the Association of Private Market Operators that is now part of NABMA.  We do not start a market without first looking at all the planning aspects, such as charter rights, site conditions, access, environment, traffic and checking that all conditions are satisfied.  As a holder of Market Charter Rights, we ensure that we are up to date with all the legislation concerning that.

Local Authority Consultants

Wendy Fair Markets was established over 40 years ago by Ken and Wendy Hobday.  They traded on Markets and were not happy with the organisation, they thought we can do better than this, and they did.  Wendy Fair operate Markets for the benefit of traders and shoppers alike, we have a huge trader following with some traders only trading at our Markets. We can offer, as Consultants, our extensive experience of running markets and planning matters associated with markets.  Our planning team have amassed a wealth of expertise, working in partnership with local authorities, and advising local authorities, on the operation of markets, which we can offer for your benefit. Wendy Hobday is in demand as a speaker at conferences and seminars, specialising in the operation and law of markets, and is also `available for advice and consultation.

Market Management and Logistics

We can provide services, ranging from simply supplying the stalls for the market, erecting and dismantling them, to full management of a market each day on behalf of the local authority.  Each market is staffed by a professional market manager, car parking and cleaning staff and other staff where applicable, and also the required first aiders.  We operate under our Health and Safety Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy and Environmental Policy, which are all available to view on our website. Shoppers on our markets also enjoy the security of the Market Shoppers Charter, under which we guarantee all goods sold on the market, and refund any money if necessary. Each market is thoroughly cleaned at the end of every day.

Don't just take out word for it…

“I find the Company thoroughly professional in their operation of the Markets, willing to work with the local authority, prepared to develop the Markets to ensure they remain viable and popular, even in these financially trying times, and prompt in respect of payments and managing customer expectations.”

Sevenoaks DC

“We have had a good working relationship and they have always responded to queries regarding the market operation quickly and efficiently.  Their staff are friendly and efficient and the markets have been operated well through a difficult economic period.”

Central Bedfordshire C

“I only work with the best Market Operator which is Wendy Fair.”

Ram Kanda - Trader

“We have been working with Wendyfair for over  25 years, and always found them to be fair and professional in every way. All the staff and workers are A1 friendly and helpful all the time, and we hope to trade with them for many many years to come.”

Stacey’s - Trader

“Wendy Fair have a high level of organisation and efficiency they show in providing safe, clean and vibrant sites. There are no hierarchies and all traders' feelings and opinions are taken into account to provide a fair and pleasant place to work.”

W Brown International - Trader

I have worked with many operators over the years and none are as good as Wendy Fair Markets.”

Terry Ford - Trader

Market Manager of the Year!

Bernie Hunter Wendy Fair Manager at Leighton Buzzard Market is seen here receiving the Market Manager of the Year Award from the National Market Traders Federation in 2010. The first Market Manager of the Year ever awarded.

Useful Numbers

Market Trader (market trade paper)
Tel: 0161 683 8000
Web: www.market-trader.co.uk

National Association of British Market Authorities
Tel: 01691 680713
Web: www.nabma.com

National Market Traders' Federation
Tel: 01226 749021
Web: www.nmtf.co.uk

Market Trade News
Tel: 01775 711777
Web: www.markettradenews.com

Ray Linge Market Stalls
Tel: 01268 697780
Web: www.raylinge.co.uk

Wendy Fair Markets
Tel: 01895 632221
Web: www.wendyfairmarkets.com

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Wendy Fair is a family business. Our reputation has made us the most successful market operators.  We are fair to traders who deliver what the shopping public wants, at the right price.

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